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A Wholesalers boutique for Kashmiri & Nepali shawls,Carpets, Copperware, Crewel & Indian Handicrafts.


Embedded in the people's socio-econic ethos, crafts tradition in Kashmir dates back to much before the dawn of recorded history. In the interaction of ancient civilizations of Egypt, Babylonia & the Indus emerged influences that fastered the traditional base & form thus providing spur to creativity. The finds of relics of pottery & reedmats excavated at Burzahom 20kms south of srinagar & that of sculputer of Hari Tsandraz, near Harwan, 18Kms from Srinagar bear an important testimony. Presently a fascinating spectrum that ranges from the cashmere shawl & carpet to woodcraft & papier mache. Kashmir's handicrafts reflect an eternal inspiration from the elysian charms of the valley- Asia's show window of art & beauty.

Kashmir no doubt is a Heaven on earth but it is also a "Heaven of Handicrafts". The exquisite beauty of the products evolved by the tender fingers of its beautiful people have been appreciated from royal palaces to ordinary homes in various parts of the country & abroad. The handicrafts of Kashmir were in an manner considered as an important part of its rich cultural heritage. For though Handicrafts fulfilled a positive physical need in the daily life requirements of the people, they also served to satisfy the aesthetic hunger in man & provided a vehicle of his urge for self expression which reveals a conscious aesthetic approach. The concept behind handicrafts as originally concieved was imbuing everything used in daily life, no matter how common or mundane, with a touch of beauty to add brightness to an otherwise dull & drab existence. In kashmir, as in others parts of ancient India, the concept of beauty was equated with godhood. The decoration was a purposeful factor, not a superfluity or a status symbol.

Kashmir has excelled in the art of portraying the beautiful flora & fauna of the land through medium of colours & needle & its craftsmen have been revered all over the world. In this machine age handicrafts stand a symbols of flow of creativity as compared to dull repetition. The stress on mechanisation & mass production is telling upon the field of handicrafts . Many age old concepts are being discarded, Kashmir presents a reassuring situation, with its elaborate techniques evolved over the ages particularly in Carpets & Embroidery, intricate Wood work & Papier Mache.


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